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Tuition Fees for 2017

Heritage College Sydney is a quality private school offering top facilities and some of the best programs on the market. However, although there are fees associated with this level of service, we have structured our fees to be very competitive compared to other schools of similar quality.

Please contact the office to enquire about our fees and current scholarships on offer.

Substantial additional sibling discounts apply for larger families.

Fees are per annum. A non-refundable application fee of $250 per student is required. This will be deducted from first-year tuition fees.  A 5% discount will be applied to accounts paid in full by 8/12/17. Some T&C’s apply. A 3% discount will be applied to accounts paid in full by 10/2/18. Some T&C’s apply.


Fees include tuition, bus transport, weekly sport, secondary lifesaving, primary swimming, College carnivals, academic competitions, Musica Viva concerts, some stationery and textbooks for Primary only. They do not include uniform requirements, other excursion costs, individual photocopying, student phone calls, camps or private music tuition.

Payment Methods

Fees are invoiced at the start of the year.  A quarter of your yearly fees must be paid by week 2 of each term.  If you prefer, you can divide and pay by the week, fortnight or in ten monthly instalments.  Payment of fees can be made by cheque, direct deposit and credit card.  Please make cheques out to - 'Christadelphian Heritage College Sydney'.   

Bank Account Details:
Account Name: Christadelphian Heritage College Sydney    BSB: 112-879    Account Number:  124536309

Credit Card: To pay by credit card, please ring the office staff on 9826 2116

All fees and charges are subject to review by the College Board.  Please note fees are subject to change year to year.  The College Board may alter these conditions of entry at any time by notifying parents/guardians in writing.

One term’s notice in writing of intention to withdraw enrolment is required, or one term’s fee is payable in lieu.

On enrollment, an commitment form is signed by both the parents/guardians and by the student that assures the following:

Parents’ Commitment

In enrolling my child at Heritage College Sydney I undertake to support the College’s:

• Mission Statement, aims, objectives and principles;
• uniform policy;
• College principles, rules and discipline policies;
• staff’s right to give direction that will assist my child’s academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development;
• excursion and sport policies;
• College Board and its right to govern the College;
• Parents and Friends Association in their role of assistance to the College.

I agree that the College has the right to exclude, suspend or expel students for behaviour that is considered immoral, illegal and severely disruptive, or that brings the College into disrepute. This includes intimidation of others, lewd behaviour, substance abuse or the bringing to school of pornographic material and/or dangerous implements.

I agree to allow my child to attend and participate in studies of biblical themes.

Student’s Commitment (for Secondary Students)

In enrolling at Heritage College Sydney I undertake to:

• uphold the aims, principles and rules of the College;
• work to the best of my ability, complete all in-class tasks, homework, assignments and study as set by my teachers;
• support the College’s positive standards of behaviour at all times, accepting the consequences of my actions if I don’t follow the standards;
• wear with pride the correct school uniform
• become positively involved in a range of College activities.

Christadelphian Heritage College Sydney most commonly intakes students into Kindergarten and Year 7, however there may be places available in other Years.  If you would like to inquire about enrolling your child, please contact the office, who will arrange a time for you to meet the Principal.

At this meeting you and your child can view the school facilities, meet students and staff members, and experience the culture and atmosphere of the College. 

If, after meeting with the Principal, you wish to enrol your child, then you will need to complete an enrolment form, an enrolment commitment form and pay a non-refundable deposit of $250. This deposit will be deducted off the first fee invoice once your child has commenced schooling at Heritage College.