Outline of Academic Studies

The Primary School will cover the six Key Learning Areas (KLA's) as required by the NSW Board of Studies. 

These include:-
Mathematics - Space, Measurement, Number
Science & Technology - Investigating, Designing & Making, Using Technology
Human Society & Its Environment - People, Cultures, Languages other than English
English - Talking & Listening, Text & Context, Learning to Read, Grammar, Learning to Write
Personal Development, Health & Physical Education - Sport, PE, Health, Interpersonal Skills
Creative & Practical Arts - Music, Drama, Art, Craft


Homework is an important part of the learning process for revising and reinforcing schoolwork. 

Weekly homework for K-6 may include:

  • Spelling words and exercises
  • Mathematics (including mentals and tables practice)
  • Reading (oral and silent) at least three times a week
  • English tasks
  • Completion of class work
  • Reading contracts
  • Science projects (investigating, designing and making)
  • HSIE assignments
  • Surveys

Primary Bible Studies & Spiritual Lessons

This syllabus has been created for the Primary Department, Christadelphian Heritage College Sydney.  It is designed to provide a structured two-year plan for teaching the knowledge and understanding, skills, values and attitudes associated with the Bible. 

The syllabus will cover the major events in the Bible.  The focus in the K-6 syllabus is on gaining knowledge and understanding of Biblical events, developing skills in acquiring information from the Bible, and forming values and attitudes based on Godly principles.  Links will also be created with other Key Learning Areas. 

The aim of the Bible Syllabus K-6 is to strive to develop in students the values and attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding that:

  • Enable them to build their morality upon an understanding of Godly principles
  • Encourage them to strive for excellence in every facet of life
  • Enable them to make informed decisions about their spiritual lives in the future.