Years 11 and 12 are the culmination of effort and study over many years. Students have developed many skills and learning attitudes, and these are focused intensely on their studies throughout these final two years.

CHCS structures its Senior programme using the Pathways model. In this model, both Years 11 and 12 commence the Preliminary courses in three subjects that run for 16 weeks. This is followed by 16 weeks of the HSC course in the equivalent three subjects. They then sit the HSC exams in October/November for the three subjects that they have studied that year.

In the following year, the Senior students choose another three subjects and complete these courses and the respective HSC exams.

Some of the benefits to students in running the Senior classes this way include:

  • less subjects to study at one time - more concise, precise preparation

  • only half the number of HSC exams need to be sat in one year, reducing the stress level for students

  • students in the second year of HSC studies have the benefit of a year's experience and preparation

  • The intensity of this method provides a good approximation to university studies

For information on the specific subjects offered for the HSC please read the document below.