Positive attitudes and work habits are so important to academic success. These, along with guidance and support are essential elements in a child's development. This then leads us to accept that 'schooling' is not just covering a set syllabus or completing set tasks. It is more about encouraging students to love learning, to want to improve and desire to participate in their development.

Christadelphian Heritage College Sydney is relatively small and this enables the staff to "know" the students - their needs, abilities and interests. Because of these smaller numbers, financial restraints mean that less elective classes can be run. Despite this, the College is committed to allowing students to follow the subjects of their choice through to HSC level, through external providers if necessary. Heritage also appoints dedicated, capable, and qualified staff to provide high quality programmes in all availble school-based subjects.

Some features of our 7-10 curriculum

  • A 10 day lesson cycle
  • 5 period day with 60 minute periods
  • A Year 7/8 curriculum which satisfies all Government and Board of Studies requirements
  • A Year 9/10 curriculum which also satisfies all Government and Board of Studies requirements and builds on these foundations, providing a range of elective choices, and an overall solid basis for Year 11/12 studies


For information on specific subjects please review the booklets below.