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Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Tuition Fees for 2019

Heritage College Sydney is a quality private school offering top facilities and some of the best learning programs on the market. However, although there are fees associated with this level of service, we have structured our fees to be very competitive compared to other schools of similar quality.

Please contact the office to inquire about our fees and current scholarships on offer.

Substantial additional sibling discounts apply for larger families.

A non-refundable application fee of $250 per student is required. This will be deducted from first-year tuition fees.

Fees are invoiced at the start of the year. Facilities are available if you wish to pay by instalments.

A 5% discount will be applied to 2019 accounts paid in full by 22/11/18. Some T&C’s apply. A 3% discount will be applied to 2019 accounts paid in full by 7/2/19. Some T&C’s apply.


What’s included?

Fees include tuition, bus transport, weekly sport, secondary lifesaving, primary swimming, College carnivals, secondary textbook hire, required calculator for secondary (first issue only), workbooks and some stationary items for primary. They do not include uniform requirements, excursion costs, individual photocopying, camps, or private music tuition.


Payment Methods

Fees are invoiced at the start of the year. School fee payments are made via FACTS, an online payment portal which allows you to pay in full at the start of the year, or in regular
fortnightly or monthly instalments. You will receive an email inviting you to
log onto FACTS and make your fee payments. More information can be found here:

All fees and charges are subject to review by the College Board.  Please note fees are subject to change year to year.  The College Board may alter these conditions of entry at any time by notifying parents/guardians in writing.


One term’s notice in writing of an intention to withdraw enrolment is required, or one term’s fee is payable in lieu.